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Cyberdog wants

Looking for Cyberdog items, especially anything old school that isn't made anymore :)


Got back from Whitby yesterday... I am shattered and still haven't unpacked

Arrived in Whitby about 3 on thursday after a nice trip to Scarborough
Cheese toastie and hot chocolate on the sea front yum :)
Went to the Resolution that night and had an awesome time :)

Friday... Lots of shopping! but the weather was terrible :(
To get away from the horrid weather me and Emz went to hide in the chocolate fountain shop... so another hot chocolate and some yummy marshmellows and chocolate
Friday night me and Emz headed off to the Spa to see what was going on and then went to Laughtons where we saw Joolz, Di, Alison & Sean :)... and where I did alot of bootie shaking ^_^
... Best Halloween ever really, its usually spent sat in the house or being the trick or treat kids leader

Saturday... More shopping and seeing peoples! Annabelle, Marshall, Jay and Amber
Saturday night off to the Spa, had a laugh with Bethan :)
Really wanted to go to the Res again but needed to get the money outta the Spa tickets me and Emz bought

Sunday morning... up early and packing up time!
Had one last meal in Whitby and off back to lovely *cough* Barnsley

All in all it was great apart from the SHIT weather
My hair isn't impressed at all

And today... Looking at my shit tip of a room... doing college work... Missing Tom reallllllyyyy badly and wondering where the half term went to

Fun eh?


My Whitby hair arrived this morning :)
Not what I originally had planned but still its lovely

I still haven't thought one bit about Whitby... I'll do that once my college work has been handed in tomorrow!

Umm apart from that I have nothing to ramble about... which is good


How many outfits do I actually need for Whitby?

This is abit late but you know...

The weekend was awesome!

Even though I froze to death in Roundhay Park on saturday morning! lol but it beats going to work... gah

Deviant UK, Reaper & Rotersand were all good... saturday night was just win! ^_^
I was very smiley and happy for the first time in a very long time mostly due to a certain special Mr :)


♥ I'm not alone, I'm not afraid, I'm not unhappy... ♥


Winters come early and I don't like it :(
I am so cold

The weekend has been pretty boring but Emilie Autumn on thursday night was awesome, well worth the travelling to Manchester ^_^ and I met her again for the 3rd time!!! Eeee

Note : Can someone give me some tips for posting on nice boots? Putting piccies on and that... I'm just a tard and can't work out how to do it :P
Cherry Blossom leaves are falling
Time is passing, beauty fades like
Skys in winter, times are bitter
Vision stings and senses blur
Things are changing, distance growing
So confusing to remember
Why I need this automation
Need new love I need regeneration...

Cannot see cannot feel

Flesh is false nothing is real

Won't you love me reconstruct me
Build my heart my regenerator
Make me feel make me real
Build my heart my regenerator

I lose myself when I lose control
So deep in snow I have no soul
Once so gentle spreading fingers
But it's too late now
Butterfly in a spiderweb...


2nd October - Emilie Autumn @ Manchester!
11th October - Photoshoot at Leeds & Rotersand at the good old corporation
20th - My Ruin... Corporation again
30th October - Off to Whitby :)

My plans are shrinking... I need to make some more

Enjoy the abuse

A little silly thing...
For any of you that saw the girl on the 'X factor'... as I saw her on the tv, I wondered 'right, how long is gonna be before someone says something to me about her in an abusing way'

And it happened today! Took a little longer than I expected though

'Its that girl off the Xfactor!'

No it isn't you tard... I'm not that crazy ;)

Its been a nice few weeks of getting abuse of little kids, like yesterday one tried taking a picture of me (which my mum went mental at! XD haha) and said I was 'fucking ugly' and looked like Amy Winehouse... HAHA

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